1.1 Objectives

There are three major objectives to this business plan.

1.Obtain startup equipment that will allow us to provide professional services.

2.Define a clear path and work flow

3.Obtain financing

1.2 Mission

NuScope Media's mission is to create high quality music videos and commercials

 that are inexpensive with a delivery time of two weeks or less.

1.3 Keys to Success

Our keys to success

  1. Establish a streamlined work flow for fast turnaround times
  2. Provide affordable and high quality videos quickly.
  3. Every video is unique and creative\


2.0 Company Summary

NuScope Media was founded by Seth Wells in August of 2000. After many transitions in focus, audio and video production became the primary service offering. Charles Xavier joined NuScope Media in January 2008 and has added a fine art background that blends well with Seth's videography and audio background.

2.1 Company Ownership

Currently NuScope Media is running as a DBA and is fully owned and operated by Seth Q Wells.

2.2 Start-up Summary

The costs associated for NuScope Media's initial launch as an audio/visual production house are listed below.

Transportation $1,000
A van is required to not only drive equipment to our locations but also transport musicians and gear if needed. The van will also work as a mobile workstation if we need to make edits on the road. A new van is not required, just one that has low miles and runs well.

Lighting $1,500
This is a very important component. Every shoot will require lighting to allow for shadowless greenscreen/bluescreen effects shots. General lighting is required to control the atmosphere of any situation.

Greenscreen/Bluescreen $1,000
Part of what will allow us to create unique and exciting videos and commercials is the ability to use bluescreen technology. By shooting musicians on a greenscreen or bluescreen we can add any background to the shot which allows us complete freedom of creativity.

Computer $4,000
NuScope Media will be using two Macbook Pro laptops. This will allow us to not only edit on the road but it also gives us the freedom to network the two laptops thus creating a renderfarm for rendering animation and effects. A Macbook Pro is powerful enough to handle the most extreme visual and audio effects and is the industry standard making us more compatible.

MiniDV Tapes $500
We will be shooting in digital video only. It's faster, and easier to edit as well as being far less expensive than film. The listed budget will provide enough tapes for approximately 25 separate projects.

Video Hardware $8,000
We will be using a system called TriCaster by Newtek Inc which allows us to control multiple cameras from on location as well as provide on the fly editing and Internet streaming. This will appeal to those that wish to have their videos posted to sites such as Youtube and other streaming Internet web sites. TriCaster will also allow us to create custom effects and edits more quickly than other hardware solutions. This saves time on final edits which allows us to provide a faster final project.

Advertising $2,000
This budget will allow us to place ads in key industry related magazines and web sites.

Software $3,000
NuScope Media will be using Apple's Final Cut Studio, and Apple's Shake for all video editing and effects. Final Cut Studio provides color correction, animation, DVD export/creation and is the industry standard for video editing. Shake is required for compositing, greenscreen effects, and special effects.

Start-up Expenses 
MiniDV Tapes$500
Video Hardware$8,000
Total Start-up Expenses$25,000
Start-up Assets 
Cash Required$5,000
Other Current Assets$0
Long-term Assets$0
Total Assets$5,000
Total Requirements$30,000

2.3 Company Locations and Facilities

The main office for NuScope Media is 412 20th Ave Seattle WA, 98122. This is our only location. This is where our primary editing facilities are as well as equipment storage.

3.0 Products and Services

Below is a brief breakdown of our services and process.

We provide mobile audio/video production quickly and affordable. What does that mean?

Let's say a band wants to produce a music video. They might want it to post on Youtube or even to sell or give away to fans at live shows. NuScope Media will shoot the entire video, make all edits, add special effects, and provide a DVD, or streamable file to post online. This entire process takes less than two weeks and costs only $1500.

We also provide our servies to companies that are wanting to produce a commercial for their product and or services. We quote the same turnaround time and price.

3.1 Competitive Comparison
3.2 Sales Literature

This information is not yet available.

3.3 Fulfillment

The main delivery of media is either via DVD or streaming Internet. The cost of DVD production is about $15 for 100 DVD's.

3.4 Technology

We will be developing a website that will showcase our current and past projects as well as provide complete information about our process. The projected time for website development is 2 months.

We will be incorporating an entire digital work flow to reduce costs and increase production and stability.




2 x Sony HDR-SR12 10MP 120GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder

1 x Sony HDR-FX1 HDV 1080i Video Camcorder

1 x 10x20 green screen

1 x Macbook Pro 17

1 x Apple Final Cut Studio Pro

3.5 Future Products and Services